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Judaic Heritage Program for Israel's Deaf and Hearing Impaired



For the past 13 years the IYIM Judaic Heritage Program for the Deaf has been bringing the beauty and richness of Judaism and Jewish tradition to tens of thousands of Israelis who are Deaf or hearing­ impaired. The program is designed to help the Deaf population of Israel bridge their world with the Hearing world through Jewish traditions and interactive heritage­focused programming; for some it is their first introduction to Judaism, Jewish history, and Zionist history.



The program is unique in Israel in that is actively engaging Deaf and hearing ­impaired teens and young adults with challenging educational programming to strengthen their Jewish and Zionist identity. Our program additionally focuses on celebration of Jewish life milestones and festivals around the Jewish calendar year for children, teens, and the elderly.

Efforts are made to give the Deaf young leaders opportunities to work within the Deaf community, especially with youth and teens in Deaf clubhouses nation­wide. The program also works to empower Deaf youth to maximize their personal potential via scholarship programs.

To learn more about our Bnei Mitzvah Program and our Annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, Click here

To learn more about our scholarship program, the J­DEAFund (Jewish Deaf Empowerment and Achievement Fund), contact office@iyim.org.il

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    Programs are sponsored in part by the International Young Israel Movement – Israel Region and the Jewish Agency for Israel