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The Israel Center for Empowerment

The Israel Center for Empowerment  (ICE) approaches poverty as a symptom as opposed to being the primary cause of distress itself. ICE offers a revolutionary holistic approach to help families help themselves change their situation, empowering them to make lasting change, and have the tools to help themselves both now and in the future. 

For more information regarding the Israel Center for Empowerment contact office@iyim.org.il 

Tax deductions are available for USD, GBP, and NIS

To donate via check*:
 For US Dollar Donations
           Check Payable to: American Friends of IYIM
            567 Cedarhill Rd.

Far Rockaway, New York 11691



For Pounds Sterling donations:


Check Payable to: UK Toremet

4th Floor, Sutherland House

70/78 West Hendon Broadway

London NW9 7BT

United Kingdom

  For NIS and all other currencies:
            Check payable to: IYIM
            24 Hillel Street

Jerusalem 9450124



* Please attach a note to allocate your donation to the desired program

* Please include your full contact information - mailing address, phone number and e-mail address where relevant. 

* A receipt from IYIM can be sent via mail or e-mail for tax-deduction purposes, as per the donor's request.